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Manual Up to date on maintenance Seems to run fine. Dad reset code and it came on after 24 hrs again.
Start unless I hit the gas. This morning it made a funky noise as I hit the gas to get ignition to turn over. Anyone else having this issue?
The sound is audible only inside the car and the drivers seat vibrates as well. The best way to describe this, is that the first time I noticed this I thought a helicopter was hovering directly above me and it was sim...
I needed a jump on my car (bought new) 3.5 years after purchase. Haven't put more than 2,000 miles on it. "Excessive rippling" showed on the printout the AAA guy gave me. When I got the jump, I hadn't run the car for ...
Drove it yesterday. It was ok. Then today it will not start, but battery good.
Whirring started suddenly today, 90 degrees out, cut off all air/radio closed windows still obvious sound at highway speeds which decreased as I slowed and stopped. Upon acceleration started back up again at around 30...
Automatic V6 2011 Accord with only around 35k miles. I get my oil change on time at the local Honda Dealership (Never missed a oil change). No engine light or any other light is on. However, the transmission is makin...
Traction control button does not turn the traction control off noticed it might be a problem when took it on a long drive to Lake Tahoe and it acted like throttle was sticking and engine rpm's would visually stick
It strated after I drove 2.5 miles thru a construction zone.
my car has been sitting awhile and it now feels funny when braking
Blue light blinks at all times? What is this
Car taken to dealership for 15K service. Everything ok but dealer recommendation made for fuel induction service to protect engine from effects of ethanol. Is this necessary or of value for car maintenance?
i have car in dubai and i want to bring it to india is it advisible or not