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2009 honda accord blinking on drive d permanently even when disengaged from drive to another gear. pls what do i do? i try to scan the car with a result indicating vsa modular control unit faulty. am i rest sure ch...
were is the fuse for the light in the trunk located?
I hear a clicking sound on moving the stearing wheel, it comes and goes and is very bothering. I have 10k milage. Is this serious??
have the car professionally hand waxed every 3 months. Paint on Hood, trunk and Top of roof of car is not Slick as the sides of car. Wax goes right into paint . Use the Honda Cover to protect car from Sun. Purchased...
What is the deadline for mailing the Honda Rear brake Pad settlement paperwork?
My email: mcneil_susan@allergan.com
honda accord 2009 stock radio what interior pieces have to be remove to get at radio antenna connection.i adding hd radio splice in antenna adpter for hd.
Large area car door repair/dented and painted
what does a l5000 miles check include
My 2009 accord make a click noise after i shift from reverse to drive
Where exactly is the oil filter and drain plug for a 2009 Honda Accord and is it easy to get to for a back yard mechanic?
Need instructions for removal or loosening of inside rear door panel to allow access to door sheet metal inside to straigheten a small dent (parking lot rash.)
I purchased a new Accord last fall. The car has been great except for white, plastic-like dust coming out of the defrost/ventilation system. The dealership could not find the source. Has anyone else had this proble...
My Gas pedal is stiff? what could be the reason? how would you know your car has trasmission problem ? Can you return your car to dealership ?