When should I replace my timing belt

I turned the car off and entered a friends house and when I was leaving and entered the car .. The engine would turn over, but after a few tries it stopped turning over. I took it to a mechanic that works with the dealer I got the car from, and he doesn't know what's wrong with it. I took it from him and brought it to a Honda dealership and they also don't know that the problem is.. Has anyone dealt with this problem ?? If so what can be done ?? Email is: imakeithappen.sw@gmail.com , answer her and email me if you can!! Thank you !!

I just got back from Precision Tune and they told me the timing belt needs to be changed and it will cost between $700 and $900. Is this a good price? I bought the car used so I do not know if the belt has been changed before. How can I be sure I am not being told I need to do something if it doesn't need to be done. If I take it to Auto Zone for a free check, will the diagnostic codes tell me anything about the timing belt?

when I give it gas while starting it sounds like I'm patting on the pedal.

The problem becomes more noticeable on the highway at higher speeds 50+ mph and is very noticeable compared with before we had the repair on the axle seal done.

No power to them i checked fuses and relays thinking it may lost ground but don't know where the common ground is for wipers n AC

battery light is on but interstate digital test meter shows battery is good, cranking is normal and no charging system problems...seems to drive fine....any ideas?

2009 honda accord exl v6

last week, my car battery light came on on my dash, so i then went to a auto zone and got the battery tested. they advice me that its a bad battery. i went ahead and bought a new battery.. the light then came off once i started the car.
the next day ,
the light came back on once again. so then i now believe its the alternator, so i go and buy a alternator (also bought the serpentine belt) jus in case ,
i went to a local mechanic shop and had then check the alternator, they advice me that the alternator is no good, by the readings , something about not enough voltage. so i had then switch out the old and put in the new alternator that i got plus the new belt.
now when they turned the car on .,, , it still has the same issue , after driving the car for more that 5-10 mins , the dies out. they telling me its a electrical issue ,,
while re examine under the hood of the car, i notice , a connection that is from the fuse box to the alternator (the end that connect the fuse box ) is intact but like if it was expose to a lot of heat so the outer plastic covering it melted..
the shop that i have the car currently is going to take it to a specialized place that deals with electrical issue for cars, my question is what do you think is wrong with my car with all i said?
thx you

I have taken my car to the mechanic to check why the engine light is on..they have changed the valve of the canister?They have changed the fuel gas cap. And the engine light is still on? What could be the problem?

knocking noise when running 30 mph