do you have to replace a timing belt on a 4 cylinder honda accord

the lights and radio work ,but when i turn the key nothing

most especiallywhen climbing up hill .

I've checked fuses and relays and ready to pull my hair out. Please help

My air has been blowing hot hair. However, after purchasing a can of freon, it started to blow cold again. The next day, it was blowing warm again. What could be the problem?

I started my car up one morning, however, the car was running great. After about 1 mile in when the car warmed up, my transmission started to slip. The car started to struggle really hard to go forward. I cut the car off and started it back up. It ran fine for another 1 mile or less and started doing the same thing. I had to keep restarting the car to try to get home. Finally I got home and put the car in park and it make a loud clank noise when I shift it into park.

When I make a right turn, my car shakes really bad. It feels as though the wheel is loose. It has been going on for a week now.

When i initially try to turn it on it fails. I have to open , unlock and lock door and try again until it turns on. When it does turn on my code for radio and navi needs to be re-entered. HELP!

Like its not getting gas. Occurs all the time now.

Sorry first time. My vsa and engine light is on car runs but has no throttle response. All fuses are good.

All fuses are good. My code reader shows nothing.

then the rest of the day its fine it happens every morning
the mechanic has no idea what it is