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I was told at the Honda Dealership that my positive battery cable was corroded and was quoted at $630 to replace the entire thing. I'm not even having any issues with the battery or starting the car. Seems outrageou...
how much to replace the timing belt on a honda accord labor and material
My accord is the best car i have ever owned (i have driven over 500000 miles..now has 93000 miles...carefully maintained..but driven over deteriorated new york city streets... slight, annoying, metal on metal noise...
my car is making a ticking noise coming from timing belt.it looks fine, but I worried I might need to change it. How do I know if I need to do this? I went to service dealership and they said I need a throttle body fu...
One of the two map light bulbs burned out. Looking for how to replace it
The problem occurs when I'm driving down the street and it stops when,I step on the brakes.
2007 Honda Accord @67K miles. Ck Engine light appeared. Took to dealership and diagnostic test showed CODE p0420. WARRANTY 8/80K miles covered the catalytic converter, but was told the warranty DOES NOT COVER THE O2 S...
how do i replace glass only on side view mirror. i purchased part 76203-sda-a11. do i need anything else what is the trick here.
Is your oil change and filter estimate the dealer price and include synthetic oil?
how to drain gas tank 2007 accord
accord has bad gas need to know how to drain tank
how to drain gas from tank
no symptoms has bee driven approximately 400 miles since being over filled
Had a blowout on my left rear tire, hole in the inner area of tire...took out spare, removed lugs and jacked it up, but tire is stuck and wont budge off...is there a release somewhere? what could be the problem?