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I hear just a little attempts at turning over at different intervals when I turn the key, but nothing substantial. I took a terminal cleaning tool to both the positive and negative and cleaned them thoroughly. Still no results! In need of HELP.

at times when the car is in motion and brake is applied, the engine will be off and the car will stop. if you switch off the ignition and start the engine again, it starts.

And if you on the engine again, it will start.

I have just over 100,000 miles on the engine. It is just starting to use a little oil( burning it) Would it be a good idea to go with a heavier oil, maybe a 20-30 wt. The car runs excellent and still has a lot of power. What do u think?

Last year the dealer required me to flush system before they would replace my power steering pump, now they are saying I need to replace my rack and pinion. Could the bad pump have caused the damage? They also have been refilling my pwr.steering fluid each oil change and never mentioned it was low or almost empty, now they want $1600! I only have 120,000 miles on the car and it is well maintained.(they also recalled the vehicle because of a bad power steering hose)

Not sure if its the starter or gas filter or what. I have changed the engine air filter and cabin filter about a year ago but thats it. I even took it to my local mechanic but it started fine evrytime i tried to duplicate the problem, nut it still occuring. Please if anyone can advise or assist,

All parts have been replaced except for fuel pump. Starter is good. What could the problem tje ignition switch?