I have a 2007 Honda Accord with 88,800 miles. In the last few weeks, it seems to be sluggish when going uphill. I have to press harder on the gas. I usually use regular unleaded gas but switched to premium unleaded 2 weeks ago. No marked improvement. I get regular scheduled maintenance and have one coming up for maintenance minder B. They are telling me they will have to run diagnostics. Any idea what the issue might be just so I have a heads up. No other problems to report - she usually gives me a pretty smooth ride.

2007 Honda Accord 2.4, 60k miles. If started normally, the car runs really rough and shuts off. After 4 or 5 tries with feathering the gas to get revs up it will idle around 1500 rpm. If i push the gas down before achieving 1500 rpm then it instantly dies. Once moving, have no acceleration unless taking it really easy on gas. If I push it down more than 25 percent the car just bogs down. Meticulously maintained, new battery, had all fluids replaced 2k miles ago.. Help! I am thinking of replacing plugs and wires, maybe fuel filter?

Any help with this..?

This happened once before and I move the gear shift through the gears a few times and after about 20 mins. It finally started. This time it won't start at all after 2 days trying. I am stranded.

Have tried turning steering wheel while trying to turn key, keeping foot on brake while trying to turn key, etc.

Y my oil dey shot?

I hear just a little attempts at turning over at different intervals when I turn the key, but nothing substantial. I took a terminal cleaning tool to both the positive and negative and cleaned them thoroughly. Still no results! In need of HELP.

at times when the car is in motion and brake is applied, the engine will be off and the car will stop. if you switch off the ignition and start the engine again, it starts.