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Ok, so i have a 2006 honda accord with 2.4l vtech 4cyl. 63000 miles. no fluid leaks, no engine code, went to check the pcv system and my automotive instructor said to pull engine oil cap off with engine running and i ...
does this model honda accord actually have a timing belt
My car is heating up, the water circuit is full but the heat indicator is indicating to more than half in less than five minuets of running the car; i'm suspecting the water pump
How can I replace power window switch in my accord?
The driver side a/c is blowing hot air, while the passenger side is blowing cold air. My a/c has one controller. My mechanic has already serviced the a/c?
The air conditioning is intermittent. It stops blowing cold air from time to time however without any inditcation (sound, visual) it stops blowing cold air. This has only been happening since last week of July 2010.
will 2008 honda accord oem wheels fit on my 2006 accord? i am looking to buy some rims and i wanted to know if the rims will fit on my car?
I hear a noise that increases with my speed when I am turning right, whether its a complete turn or slight turn...whiff, whiff, whiff. Any thoughts... This comes from the driver's side front tire area.
my accord has 10,700 miles. When I brought it to a repair shop for an oil change I was told I had never had the 2 year maintenance. I was given a price of $650 for work that included new spark plugs,replace all fluids...
I have 95K miles on my 06 accord and they (the dealer) want me to change the trains and brake fluid. Most miles are highway and I am a conservative driver. How much should it cost, can I go to someone that is not the...
Was just told that lower ball joints need repair. There is no noise, clunking, knocking, or uneven tire wear. In fact, tires are wearing excellent. Is this a con job?
Is there one somewhere?
DRL showing on dashboard. what do i do to make it stop? and why is it showing?
Help! Bottle of clean motor oil spilled on front passenger seat 3 days ago.1-2 ounces oil seeped through fabric into padding/cushion. I've used corn starch to absorb some, but more oil comes through fabric when you p...
how do i reset the change oil counter