changed alternator, power steering pump still noise coming out? what possibly I have missed out? get worst when u turn steering. Would appreciate any advise.thank you

It is working, I can here the beeps of the buttons. Just cant see anything. Is this an easy fix? possible reset?

belt and the water pump?

I just bought the car from a used car lot and the car was running good and still is but a little yellow wrench came on and I don,t know what means. can u please help me. I need to know as soon as possible

While driving the battery light goes on and the power steering is affected. Battery has been replaced once already.

at what mileage and the age of the car? do we have to get the water pump and the full service or can we just get the belt changed?

great,tran. mounts,only when putting in drive.

Made a terrible clicking sound but did not turn over. Maybe battery? I had it serviced about a month ago and said battery was fine. Car has been sitting a little over a week though. I hope it is not computer issues.

Previously, when my windshield wipers were turned on, they hit the bottom of the windshield each time they went back-and-forth (at intermittent, low, and high settings). A mechanic made an adjustment for free and they now hit the left side of the windshield each time they go back-and-forth. In addition, because of his adjustment, they don’t come to rest all the way down when I turn off the windshield wipers. The windshield wipers’ speed is consistent as they move back-and-forth. And, their speed in any of the three speed settings is the same as when they are working correctly. That is, they’re not moving faster or slower than normal in each setting. Does anyone know what might be causing this problem?


Today is the third time I've brought my car to the shop for his problem. First time they hooked it up to diagnostic and found nothing and light went off. Second time, code indicated that the thermostat had to be replaced which I did. Third time (today) hooked back up to diagnostic and code came back thermostat which has been replaced. Now what?

I've never had an alignment.

Also, Seat belt light will not go out.

and why is it draining my battery

why it happens when the car is off
why it happens when its parked

causing to denergize my battery and die