There is a flashing light (flashing 'SERVICE -429')and the yellow wrench symbol is lit up. Please Advise.

Cost to fix my Rear window defroster

The key is not in the ignition. We noticed it when walking by the car. No pattern to it. Very random.

As I was shifting into 1st to pull out I heard a pop an couldnt shift out of neutral. My shop quoted me $1200 to replace clutch kit, flywheel & slave cylinder. After repair mechanic stated he couldnt crank the car, last thing he can try is replace starter (more money). I drove car home but within a few days noticed it was shifting hard. I got the same advice by a few people to give it a few wks its normal with a new clutch. Well it got increasingly diffacult to shift, (mostly 1st). Then as Im sitting at light one day it took 2 green lights to get into 1st. My mechanic says next time this happens pump my clutch then let him know if it helps. It did help next few times this randomly happened. But then it quit happening and was shifting great. A mo later it randomly started again and now with reverse also. The car could shift so smoothly for days then Id get off of work and be unable to back up, when I did get in reverse gear would then stick an Id havs to stall the car to get out of reverse. Mechanic says the adjustments are correct, he tried bleeding the clutch an it went to the floor. Says fluid was leaking so not enough preassure to engage the clutch an would be another $350 parts/labor to replace clutch master cylinde. After paying $1740 an issue still not fixed I couldn't afford another $350. Sev wks later and desperate I have my brother who is semi knowledgeable look at it, he loisened bolt from clutch push pedal an adjusted it. It worked great like I was expecting the 1st time for about a mo, I thought he had found the real problem, but after I let my roomate drive my car one day sge said it wasn't shifting into reverse sev times that day. Which it was shifting beautifully up till she drove it, dont know if she did anything caysing this or problem came back. I dont want to pay more money just to be told another problem arises or its still having sane issues or if Im just going to have to go with his word to get a working vehicle again. My car is 130,000 mi.

if you shake it hard, it will come loose eventually. Am I damaging it, and what causes it?

A/C blew cool last year. Now nothing. I bought a can of 134A at the auto parts store specifically because it comes with a reusable hose and gauge. With the car running and the a/c switch on max the compressor does not engage. After attaching the hose to the suction line the gauge almost pegs out so I don't think the charge is low. The fuse panel has an a/c relay that matches the fan relay so I switched those to test with no positive result. With the engine off I can manually spin the compressor so it doesn't seem seized but the clutch doesn't engage it. Any takers?

I have a 2006 Accord EX 4 cyl with 106,000 miles. It's never been in an accident. Just noticed today that the left turn signal does not come on at all in front or back - no arrow, no light, no flash. Also, when I checked the emergency flasher, it does not come on on the left side. I changed bulb, but it made no difference. Is this a relay issue?

cranks fine but not quite fire.


We thought it was caused by the after market car starter that was installed when I bought the car new in August 2006. It was disconnected this morning.

When leaving this afternoon the radio came on, clock lit up and the fan started......before key insertion. It went off after a few seconds.

I guess it was doing it all night on Sunday and I needed a boost on Monday morning.

I recently required a repair and replacement of a rear main seal on my 2006 Accord on August 10, 2013 at a cost of $930.00. At this time I had approximately 104.5K miles on my automobile. I started noticing oil stains on my garage floor after having power steering kit replacement from a factory recall. This was a proximally at 96,500 miles. At first I thought this was power steering fluid that was leaking from a loose power steering hose fitting. However, to my dismay it was found that this was engine oil and not power stirring fluid. I had this checked out approximately 1.5 weeks after the power steering kit replacement and I was told that there were some droplets of fluid seen around the oil pan. I was also instructed to observe for any increase oil leakage from the car over the course of the next month. It seemed to slow down, however after another thousand miles, more oil was found leaking from the car. The car was brought into the Honda dealership for inspection and was found to have a leaking rear main seal. I asked the service rep if this is something that is common at this mileage. And I assume that it started at approximately 96,000 miles, since this was the first sign of oil leaking noted on my garage floor. Therefore my question is, is this unusual for a rear main seal to becoming faulty at this low mileage or is this commonly found with Honda engines. The service rep did point out that it is somewhat unusual that this would occur at my low mileage. He did state” that usually I see this when there is 130K Miles or more on this model”. Could it be that the rear main gasket was faulty. Or could it also be related to the engine oil breaking down the rubber components of the gasket. In addition I have had my care services at the same dealership for the last 2 years using Honda OEM products including motor oil. Do I have a case with regards to warranty on the drivetrain and that I should report this Honda Motor Corporation. I now have approximately 106K my vehicle and I continue to smell burning motor oil as well a coolant odor. I’m not sure what to make of this unless there is something leaking above regarding seals gaskets however I had my hundred thousand mile maintenance with water pump replacement as well as timing belt and valve adjustment which included new gaskets and there is no other evidence of fluids leaking at this time. I would appreciate your input on this especially if it’s something that I should notify Honda Motor Corporation about. Thank you for your time

Roger Skebelsky