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2006 automatic Accord. 180,000 miles all highway. Car never neglected for service. Check engine light shows 02 sensor malfunction. Major tune up at 150,000 miles. Replaced fuel pump, 02 sensor, checked vtec sen...
does this happen to all 2006 models or am i the lucky one
I can disconnect the battery and the power comes back on untill you turn the key to engage the starter then it goes dead again
I've done all the fuel treatments(seafoam&tectron). What could it be?
The door will not open ever. How do I remove panel with door closed? Should I take to dealer for repair? Expensive?
Why does the coolant temperature gauge stay between 1/3 and 1/2 even when the car is turned off?
There is a flashing light (flashing 'SERVICE -429')and the yellow wrench symbol is lit up. Please Advise.
Cost to fix my Rear window defroster
The key is not in the ignition. We noticed it when walking by the car. No pattern to it. Very random.
As I was shifting into 1st to pull out I heard a pop an couldnt shift out of neutral. My shop quoted me $1200 to replace clutch kit, flywheel & slave cylinder. After repair mechanic stated he couldnt crank the car, la...