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1) what is the best way to replace the steering wheel cruise control switch, mine will not stay switched on, and 2) what is the best way to replace the front interior door handles, the chrome finish is peeling and I h...
My honda accord runs fine, but now is at 63,000 miles....If i keep it what would it cost to replace a transmissionm a/c system, ,etc?
where is the turn flasher relay physically located in the car? I can find it and need to replace it. Thanks.
my right map light is out and i do not know how to open it up so i can replace the bulb which is blown out
it's making a low groaning noise when i am slowing to a stop / and or totally stopped. some guy suggested timing belt. mechanic said he didnt hear it, and that my timing belt should be replaced because i have 100,000....
My car is making a noise when it is stopped. It is a high pitched groaning noise.could this be the timing belt? what is the approx cost?
when the headlights are on and i activate the power windows, the headlights dim
This problem was notice by diagnostic test. I wanted to get at least an ideal of the cost. My e-mail is diana.smith@verizon.net
AM works on only local staions. FM and XM fine. Front end body work done. AM fine before work.
I have a leaky seal in the tramsmission
Ive a 2005 Honda Accord Coupe with 97k miles on it. The front right part and steering have been vibrating upon acceleration for the past few weeks. The tires are new and I also got them balanced. The alignment seems a...
I was told that the positive battery cable on my 4 cylinder Honda Accord ex was expensive to replace. What should this cost?
I have an 05' Hybrid Honda Accord, whenever I am at 38-40mph and 55-60 I am hearing a humming noise (sounds like I'm drifting out of the lane and hitting those grooves in the road to notify I'm out of my lane). If I a...
What is needed for a tune up? where are the sparkplugs located?
My 2005 Honda accord wont start, I left the radio and air on for like 30 minutes maybe 20 and now it wont turn over and just flashes and clicks