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Six months ago the front ACC outlet stopped working, now the console outlet has stopped. Fuses checked and OK. I keep a gang plug plugged in at all times. About 15,000 miles per year. At 85,000 now.
what is the cost to fix it.
The car is parked on our driveway away from the road, and if the doors are locked either with the remote or manually, the alarm goes off from time to time for no reason. It also happens in parking lots; the battery is...
My Power Steering pump is making a whining sound, but only when the engine is cold
The fluid in my coolant expansion tank runs low frequently with no visible fluid leak(got to notice recently). Now I dont have coolant in it just water cos my mechanic(saw him yesterday) wants to see if that will happ...
No specific time but after I'm driving the abs light comes on and then the radio goes out just for a second then everything comes back on. Last week I had to put the radio code in after this happened. Any ideas?
Car parked at hospital deck. Drove car about 50 yards and heard grinding sound. Saw flat on front right tire. Changed flat to spare tire & parked at deck again. Then saw spare tire was now flat - seemed fine before. W...
I just failed inspection today and need to know how to resolve the promblem for code P0139 and P0455.
The clear coat is pealing and its only 5yrs old. its all over the vehicle. where can i find recal info on paint
Car has 170,000 miles on it and the driver door is becoming hard to open and shut. What should I do?
The D light is blinking and the vehicle drags when engaged in the drive position. What could be the posible cause
1) what is the best way to replace the steering wheel cruise control switch, mine will not stay switched on, and 2) what is the best way to replace the front interior door handles, the chrome finish is peeling and I h...
My honda accord runs fine, but now is at 63,000 miles....If i keep it what would it cost to replace a transmissionm a/c system, ,etc?
where is the turn flasher relay physically located in the car? I can find it and need to replace it. Thanks.
my right map light is out and i do not know how to open it up so i can replace the bulb which is blown out