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i use super gas,i changed plugs ngk laser.
Most evident (1) when stopped, then accelerate (2) press brake to stop at any speed (3) when driving (high or low speeds) constantly have to overcompensate right due to left pull/veer. I have had three different repa...
The engine warning light comes on, then goes off, but has remained on for last month. Shop test said oxyegen sensor bad and needed replacement but OK to drive. Replaced air filter, no help. How much would repair co...
I understand it is easy to change and would love to attempt it myself. If a diagram can be provided that would be great, but I'll take what I can get thanks.
while driving down the road car will lose a little power like its going to stall out but does not kind a little jerk but not do to shifting
Car was taking to mechanic that put a scanner to the vehicle and claimed a P171 code and the problem was a bad O2 sensor. A gas cap was brought because the other was defective and allowing air to enter the tank. The ...
what other reasons could it be? All the rest of my lights work....please help!!!!
Do I need to have entire torottle body replaced & at what cost or just the sensor?
I went in for the recall reprogramming and received a "free" inspection. I can understand most of the items, but these 2 are new to me!
car was scanned and came back problem with shift solenoid a. need to know where it is located and how to fix.
Waht does it mean when the odometer & tackometer bounce periodically?
I have an oil leak and it appears to be coming out of the right side of the engine (front seal?). Could be above that somewhere. If in fact that is where it is coming from, is this fairly common and how difficult is...