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Car just clicks when turning the key alredy replaced the battery
car won't start and ticking under the hood in the fuse box.
My key wont lock or unlock door when put in it wont turn and the alarm wont go off lights continuously flash for bout five mins and when you open the door it starts all over again. need help in deactivating the alarm ...
sparkplug gap 2005 honda accord lx 4cyl 2.4 liter engine
On 4/26, there was a huge leak under my car. I towed it to my mechanic and they found a leak on the return hose. Should I contact Honda or is that a separate issue?
initially, the radio back light would work / then not work. Every thing else was OK. Now the amplifier on the head unit gives a click sound on the speakers & i get no sound for a while. It is getting progressively worse.
every other thing is working normal
and then the car will not start,and other times car will start perfectly.
I recently took my car to Midas for a routine oil change and tire rotation plus inspection and they recommended that I get all of the struts replaced, since the mileage on my car is at 78,000 without a previous replac...
I took my 2005 Honda Accord EX 4D 4cyl. to Midas for a routine oil change and tire rotation plus a free inspection and the mechanic said that I should get the Tensioner Pulley and Serpentine Belt replaced. The pulley ...
There was a loud crack and the car appears to be dead
My car was idle for more than 3 months. I jumped the car using another car. Car started however it was making loud horn so entered the code. Loud noise was not turning off. I went ahead and remove the fuse that contro...