left and right turn signal gets buss sound on my 2995 honda accord. what is the issue and how do I fix it or how much costs at repair shop.

Map light do no work. Switch is in proper position. Assume bulbs are bad but cannot figure how to change them.

shifting hard after transmission fluid flush

It makes a sound when I try to start it which sounds like a vaccuum

unplug headlight switch and lights still stay on.have to remove fuses to get them out.cant find a relay anywhere.wiring,fuse panel?any suggestions?thanks

not start. So then I left the car alone for about 30 minutes and then it started with no problem at all. What is going on?

It uses a lot of oil, car won't start, can't get it out of Park, engines runs real ruff. had diagnostic test, said it was Cam position sensor?

I have a factory alarm and it sets byitself without using remote. And after i unlock car using key the alarm sounds head lights flashing.. Light on dashboard flashing every 3-5 seconds.. But wont reset with remote key and wont dissarm using ignition?.. Whats wrong?. How do i fix?. I am having intermittent issues with doorlock on all doors and passenger front door wont work using automatic driver side master control.. But during all this the car starts and i can drive it.? Please help.

A/C was blowing warm air, intermitten at first, then just warm air. Had a/c compressor, receiver drier, replaced. Worked fine for 3 months, but it didn't seem to get as cool as before. Now hot, and I mean hot air is blowing through the drivers side vents, and the passanger side vents seem to be fine. Does not matter if auto or dual climate is on. Tried to manually use fan & a/c, at different temperatures, does not matter. I've read about the a/c condenser problems, but if this was the case, wouldn't it blow hot through all the vents? I've been told that there is a ambient air temperature sensor located in the front of my vehicle, and this could get damaged or stop working and cause this. Haven't looked at this part yet, but will try. Someone mentioned the air blend door, and I will check this out to. If anyone fixed this problem or has an idea, I'd like to hear it

Past month noticed an oil leak, have been adding oil, no oil light indicating low or no oil. Yesterday car started but shook violently, was too afraid to drive it. Today car will not start - turn ignition and lights are on but will not "turn over".
In addition, there is very little air flow for a/c or heat. Air is cold or hot but cannot adjust the flow of air.

started doing this today. had been working