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my air just blows what it seems like on high constantly. It started doing it out of nowhere.
But the dash light does not change from reverse and the car wont start w/ shift handle in netural.
My indicator lights, interior locks, keyless remote and wipers will only work when the drivers door is open. My radio sometimes turns off as well. Sounds crazy but it is true. Does any one know what the problem may be?
car running with no problem if i change transmission fluid now will it mess my transmission up
six speed manual transmission-wont move in any gear and there is no noise at all
This has only started in last couple of days or so.
When I start and drive my car in the morning the power steering is almost non-existant. This only happens when it's cold outside. It started at the end of last winter and I live in AZ so I didn't have any problems all...
i se no screws or attachments
Makes whirring sound while driving . But it has great power and pull . Maintained regularly . Please help .
Car just clicks when turning the key alredy replaced the battery
car won't start and ticking under the hood in the fuse box.
My key wont lock or unlock door when put in it wont turn and the alarm wont go off lights continuously flash for bout five mins and when you open the door it starts all over again. need help in deactivating the alarm ...