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transmission fluid was put into my clutch resevoir and i need to get it out so it does not mess up my warrenty
Do I get to that from under the dash?
Fan is not blowing air
Rumbling, squeeking sound on front wheel--driver's side when going over rought terrain. Wheel sounds like it will come off.
What would cause maintanence light come on at 65000 miles
i recently buy a honda accord 04'whil it is run only 51k.but soon after the D is blinking & feel a strong jerk or clunk while shifting the A/gear.tjnx in advance.
The left side turn signal blinks quickly even though all lamps work fine. Right side work fine. Could it be flasher unit. meeksed@gmail.com
My accord's radio/cd player works off and on. I have only began having problems about 2mths ago, while driving I heard this loud piercing noise out of my speakers and the cd player just turned off. My volume was not l...
key will go in door panel and ignition, but will not turn.
My sensor light comes on and goes off for about a month now. Also my car yesterday sounded like a flat tire when I braked and I took it to the shop and they said all for rotors were warped. For all four to be bad is...
Car details: =========== Honda Accord 2004 LX Mileage - 113K Bought recently from a car dealer I am ALWAYS able to unlock the doors (using the driver or passenger side "unlock" button) but the "lock" button doe...
car starts fine but could not accelerate- moving at less than 5miles/hr. parked and restarted again after a few minutes; noticed lit icon on dash display (left driver side) indicating door ajar - I re-closed the door...
I have 2004 Honda Accord EX Leather/navigation/Satellite. Problem started 2 weeks back - If I set the temperature to 58 or above, the passenger side vents are blowing hot air, while driver side is cool air as it is su...
I have a vibration in my steering wheel and it can also be felt mainly when the air conditioner compressor is kicked in or under a load? I was told to replace all 5 motor mounts, over 1,000 dollars!! What do you think?