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had spark plugs replaced, but this didn't fix the problem
I checked the fuel cap (per manual) and it is ok..
I was told I have 1-2 mms left on my rear brake pads and that I should not wait for the warning "squeaks" to replace them because that could damage the rotors. Is this true? If I wait until the squeaking starts and t...
I understand the car needs to be hooked up to a machine to get codes and other electronic diagnostics. I have gotten estimates for this alone ranging from $65 to $210. Repairs additional. Possible causes mentioned ha...
I came out this morning to go to class and got in my car. I unlocked it with my key fob and held the button down so the windows would roll down also, which worked fine. I threw my backpack in the back and sat in the...
to be replaced or just the above diodes, and what are the dangers in driving with that problem. thanks
Though I keep the temperature setting to very low, the passenger side and one of the central vents blow hot air intermittently, and automatic temparature control is not working. I have built in navigation system.
near the water pump and did not leak oil prior to this maintenance. Is the mechanic responsible for this, or just a coincident?
The blower fan on the 2004 Honda Accord suddently stopped working - want to check the fuses first - where are they
i used automatic lock when i get home at night and the light go up when my friend goes to work the following morning she wake me up to tell me my light are on . What could possibly make the light come on and stay u...
I checked my fuel cap to ensure it was on tight. Look under the hood and didn't smell gas. I did notice the smell was strongest on driver side (around drivers door.)