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This began a couple of days ago during extreme cold temp. Car will not unlock and start until the temp is about 20 + degrees? Thanks
but does not vibrate when air is off and in gear and brake on. Also does not vibrate with air on and in park or neutal
but does vibrate with air off and brake on or air on and in park or neutral
Read a review of one of your recommended shops that wanted to do a brake job. Customer didn't like the price; took the car elsewhere. Was told the brakes still had about half their life remaining.
In other words do you have to get under vehicle to access and replace sensor? I purchased part (diagnostic code was P1157)but need repair shop to replace, what will it cost me?
car driving rough makes loud noise have been told timing belt needs to be replaced
Imported in 2012 at 83000km & full serviced done including cambelt, but not transmission fluid. New plugs fitted at 90000km. Now at 95000km. Can next service be standard and wait until 100000km. Use is normal, ie 1 t...
Car seems to run fine now. Is this something I can replace myself?
My car sat for about 5 months. When i started it up it idles high then low constantly while in park.
it may be called the multiplex control unit. because my doors will unlock but will not lock.
I notice it more when it is cold. It even makes a grinding sound when turning.