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The dealer said they found a broken compliance bushing or bushings. If I choose not to get this replaced what detremental effect will it have? Will it seriously effect my alignment? Can there be other damage that take...
The driver side power seat back powers back fine, but stops half way when returning to the up right position. I can hear the motor turning, but it sounds as though a clutch is slipping. To make matter even stranger,...
I have a 2004 honda accord. One of the two throttle cables popped off the throttle linkage. How is the easiest way to fix this? I tried to jam my hands in there, but there is not too much room. What should I pop off t...
I can’t shift gears at all it has to be done manual with a key. Why is that’s and how can it be fixed?
I am being told that water must have got in my trunk area and damaged the navigation control
My cooling fan is not turning on, how do I check it to find what the problem is? My email is holloran3@verizon.net
car drives for 10 minutes, gets hot then powers off. what will the costs be approximately to replace transmission
The fan motor just stopped running, no drag, no sound. Just was running one minute the next its not. (This is the interior A/C fan).
I just had my car serviced by honda dealer, where they replaced the throttle body. since then my when in park and at iddle shows 2000 rpm. what is the proper engine iddle rpm for it.
Electric switch to roll down windows will not work.
My passenger window on my 2004 honda accord went down ok but when I went to close the window it went up very slow then stopped. I have 1inch of open space. Is there a way to manually roll up the window or do I just h...
seat does not move back the part were your back is at
hello people,my wife said the chk engine light turned on,I took it to autozone,used this orange code reading gizmo,it reas po141,02 sensor heater circuit malfunction.bank 1 sensor 2.any remedies? I like to fix all the...
Are the philip screws on the rotors only available through a dealership?