rodent damage knock sensor harness, hours of labor required?cost of labor and parts? is this something common with Hondas? why rodents are attracted to this harness? can you get access by pulling power steering pump or need to remove intake manifold? please advise. Thanks

The heater takes forever to get hot suddenly, we have checked the water level and it is fine?

i have been having noise when i start the car in the morning and the mechanic suggested i replace the serpenttine belt. Is that true

Rear brake cost


Can somebody guide me as what to do with my 2004 Honda accord car having this problem.My car didn't start a few days ago in the morning so I started with a booster battery from another car and then replaced the battery.But following day the fuel level indicator gauge didn't respond and the light under it started flashing, After two days an engine malfunction lamp came on.I disconnected the battery leads and connected but it didn't get reset.

I recently put gas in my car . With in ten miles of the ride , the vehicle started to sputter . When I got to the stop sign . or make a complete stop it hesitates when starting off. What could be the problem?

my passenger side electric seat will not recline but it goes foreward and backward just fine.when i push the recline button i can hear just for a second a whin.how can i fix this.

what is an axle seal leak in the front of my accord? How is this repaired?

3 Gallons of Kerosene was poured in the tank of my 04 Honda Accord. I disconnect the gas line at the block but the fuel pump will only run while cranking it over. Is there a sensor or relay I can jump out to make the pump run continuosly? If so where is it located. THANKS FOR YOUR HELP.

i drove to work this morning and when i went to leave it wouldn't start. a friend jump it and it started. on my way home it started like doing little hiccupps and then this light came on

i have got a 2004 honda accord when i mash the brakes both of my turn signals come on in the dash i can turn it on the left or right and they still stay on what could it be

looking at inspections it doesnt I need one at 80,000 miles its lists 90,000 miles. Which is it? If I need brakes can you give me a estimate?

What is a reasonable cost to replace broken bushings?

Recently had service engine light appear. Scanned system and the code read P2422. I know this is related to the emissions system and has a failure somewhere in the cannister or purge solenoid. Is there any way to narrow the problem down or some quick checks i can do?