The problems my car is having are as follows:
1. It won't shift into 4th gear.
2. Engine light came on.
3. TCS light is stuck on.
4. Gear position light flashes after I accelerate to 4th gear and slow down.
Some good clues:
1. The lower gears work fine.
2. The speedometer works fine.
3. At about 55mph the RPM's start getting high and the car will not shift into any higher gear. Again, the lower gears work fine, always.
4. Cruise control still works.
I have been told there are 2 sensors, input and output, how do I know which one needs to be replaced? AutoZone diagnosis comes up Speed Sensor. Which is the more common one needing to be replaced? Thank you for the help and input.

battery cable connected to started touched to back end section of starter and positive cable connected to battery melted. Now there is power in the car but when I try to start it all power cuts off and then comes back in couple seconds. What might be issue?

Battery is fine, starter is not getting electricity. Verified NO current to starter when key is turned to start position. Checked fuses under hood and under dash. Wont start in any gear, and dash and floor shifter are both indicating the same position. Engine was swapped out and I had to finish swap due to shady and incompetent "Honda mechanic". So I have no idea what was done to the engine/ tranny though several key parts were missing and had to be replaced including all the parts to connect the tranny shift cable to the trans.

The positive cable is corroded all throughout the entire wire and car won't start should I replace the entire cables?

Won't unlock mamially or with key

Won't open with key

Breaks was replace, now abs lights stays on.

I'm looking to see the best way to get to the intake side sensor(front sensor) what I should remove to make it easier to get to the bolt and then removal of the sensor to swap it out with a new one. Any help would be much appreciated!

I just bought the car for my daughter and I don't know how well it was taken care of.

I have an 04 accord and the seat beat is locked up...i to I took it to Honda and Honda stated to me that it will be $70 to be diagnosed and it will possibly be repaired if it is their fault!!!

Would it be easier to take it to a detailer or professional cleaning company? Or do I need to replace all of the interior; if so how much does that cost??

I jacked my car up to do some under coating and when I next drove it , it rode like a low rider. Horrible bouncy, bouncy, bouncy. Very harsh ride. The car has 63000 miles on it.
I did some research and found others who had the same problem. Dealers have stated it was because of age and heat which causes shocks or struts to "lock up" from reaching full extension. Has anyone ever heard of this? I am a mechanic and have NEVER heard of this problem before. Looks like I will have to replace them all.

i changed the cam sensor the intake side code p0341.