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I have automatic transmission, and i think its stuck in Drive. So i can't start the car. Moving the lever doesn't do anything. So, i want to manually put it in Park. I was looking at online forums and people said they can put it park by changing the linkage manually under the hood. But i can't find the linkage. Where is that linkage and how can i put it park manually? diagram would be great.

For the past 2 weeks I have this starting problem. Sometimes the car start in 3 attept. Sometimes not. Sometimes when im driving it stops.

i checked all the hose's plus the pump and the belt how would i know for sure that the pump is damaged?

Sometimes starts 7 or 8 times then won't start for days

The vehicle has 213,000 miles and has been dealership serviced since new. Timing belt was changed at 120,000 and appears to still be in good shape. The vehicle sat for about a year and a half. When driving it on the highway for an hour or so the Check engine light came on and the vehicle died. Got it to an Auto Zone and code came back P0341 (running extremely rough no power). Changed the Cam Positioning sensor in the parking lot. Drove 20 min and code cleared. Its now been 3,000 miles and the light is back on intermittently (same code). This began in cold temps if that helps. Open to any and all advice...Thanks

The cd display does say CD-1 or CD-2 like it used to. Only cd and doesn't let me access aux