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My car won't drive while its running
Check engine light came on solid about a month ago (has come on and off intermittently since I bought the car 6 years ago, as has the airbag light). The Honda garage ran diagnostics: Code P0341 came up two separate ti...
My radio comes on and completely goes out while driving. The lights on my gear pad sometimes light up while driving and sometimes not. My car was doing the above, but then was fine for 2 weeks. I tap my breaks to get ...
Someone is selling a 2003 Honda on Craiglist and say the paint clear coat has started to peel and the idle is off. I'd like to know how much it costs to fix an idle. Thanks.
My car acts like it doesn't want to start just sometimes.Out of 5 days it may not turn immediately 2 of those days.One of my keys broke in to and I at first thought it was the key. still doing same thing with the 2nd ...
Hazard lights come on. Hazard switch ineffective, indicator use may switch them off. When parking, bleeds battery, after recharging battery, lights came on, switched off by using indicator.
Began suddenly and happens every time I start it. Don't know any diagnostic codes.
I had a loud squealing sound when I put my car in reverse or turned the wheels. Thought it was the brakes and took the car in to be inspected. Was told the front lower arm control bushings on both sides were cracked...
drive for a while go back want start
failed to set the radio. Instead I have a code "ErrE" on the screen
I need an estimate a cost on replacing hoses on my a/c unit
Took my car to a repair shop 2 weeks ago to get the AC fixed I was told it was the scan valve and dry canister $600 later I drove home with AC or so I thought within 2 days the AC went out took it back to the same mec...
i got it checked and got to knw it says canister malfunction wat do i do ?
I changed gear oil by (honda oil ) and also changed the oil filter. I notice RPM goes over 2.5 @ 120 KM/hr, reach to 3 and stick there , without any increament motor sound. is it normal??? thank you
Car came in with cyl 4 no compression. Recond head, Replaced bent valves, timing chain, guides & tensioner. Timing double checked by 2 tecks. Engine cranks and try's to kick but won't start. David G. TCC