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the alternator bearing makes a whining noise when turning on the engine also when accreting, is their a part in the transmission that makes a whining sound(torque converter)?changing gears no problem, just the whining...
The word "Code" is displayed on the screen and the time is flashing.
Not always, but more often than not, I am having tourble shifting into 3rd gear. It makes a grinding sound.
Got in car this morning. There was a strong raw gas odor. Soon noticed a gas leak on pavement.
My a/c quit blowing while on. turned it off and back on high with nothing on any vent setting . In my research to this point the consistent was the resistor needing to be replaced. I replaced it and after 15 minutes o...
car was cooling,then stop,then sometime later would start cooling. had it checked by a mechanic. scanned with hand held computer. saying car is 40 degrees inside, causing a/c not to work.
I've had a local mechanic look at it and he does not think it's a headgasket problem. Smoke is sporadic but is noticeable when accelerating. No engine lights come on. Engine seems to have good pick up. some think I ne...
Will not start, I put a boost on it and it started up but after I turned it off it would not start again. I took the battery and had a full charge put on it but nothing come on
The car is up to date on all maintenance issues, and have never fond any leaks. The fluids seem to be at a good level. The car is an automatic transmission.
I just replaced the power steering pump, alternator, and battery. What could be the problem
it will do nothing can't turn steering wheel.shifter won't move then it will suddenly start. Radio presets are gone. any ideas?
This happens most every day. Its a 2003 Accord. Been going on for 2-3 years. Somedays radio doesn't work at all and somedays it goes on and off every few seconds. The most puzzleing is when the radio comes on when...