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after the car has been park for close to a year it's smoking black smoke even after an oil change
Someone helped us reset this at one time, but I can't remember how.
Mechanic did diagnostic ran dye test-no leaks. sent me home. air worked for 15 min. then out. Back to the shop. Ran the air there and tested compressor - said pressure was fine. Sent me home. Stopped working again. 3r...
When ever it rains, I find lots of water on the floor of the back seats. The worst is the right side. Today I vacuumed about a gallon of water.. There was less water on the left side and a lot less on the front seat-p...
There is tranmission oil in my cooling system and there is coolant in my transmission oil.
I just purchased a used 2003 Accord last Saturday. It drove beautifully. Yesterday, all of a sudden, when my daughter was driving between 20-25 miles per hour the car would not switch to the higher gear and the RPMs w...
If I pump the foot brake several times it seems to release and then I can shift normally again. I have only purchased the car and it happened twice today.
Is the air intake from inside cabin thru the cabin filter? If not where is it from. Also the hotter the inside of cabin is the longer it takes to get the air from AC cold
all the transmission oil is leaking into the rodiater