I ran into get coffee and came out car would not start ,just cranked over....I pulled the plugs I have spark a.d the plugs are wet with fuel....help car ran fine just before ....

never mind. this site has changed and not for the better.

sometimes taking over 30 minutes of taking key in & out until key eventually goes right in.
Now not working at all. Key goes in. But won't turn.

using the same key and remote, it allows me to start the car, but locking and unlocking car either via remote or turning in door does not work...what is this

I removed the cluster and there are no bulbs. I checked all the fuses and checked everything I can think of. 2003 honda accord LX

My mechanic asked me to hange the fuel pump and nozzle which I did but it seems I have done nothing because it still happens. I dnt knw what else to do

I have to run it through the drive cycle in order to pass a smog check.

there are 2 sensors, intake and exhaust which one should be replaced and where are they located
should I replace both of them to be safe?

where are the sensors located?

I posted this issue before and now there's a new one...

A couple weeks ago, I posted on here about a buzzing noise and then it wound up being a bigger issue... it was the starter. I had it replaced and in it's first week, the starter was not working properly and then did the same thing: Everything lit up and no start. So I brought it back to the mechanic since it was under warranty and said it was just connected improperly, honored the warranty and fixed it. Now it's a week later, and the car is making a slight grinding noise after the start up but runs smoothly. This just started today and the fix is only 1 week old after it's last trip. Could it be he just tightened it too much, if such a thing? or is it something else? I think it might be the battery but I'm hoping it's not the starter (again) or something bigger...