In leaving the dealership following the 60,000 service, my '06 Kia Amanti seemed out of timing and has not run smoothly since that time. Mechanics have taken it apart, checked everything and now feel it may be the tensioner. My feeling is it drove smoothly when I brought it in, but has been jerky, not smooth, since the service.

The engine has a pinging, at time it sounds like tiny bells ringing. It is always while the cars is in drive. And It can be heard at crawling low speed but also once I accelerate. Once the engine is warmed up (at time 1/2 hours), it appears to diminish. I don't hear it while in park idling.

The ABS warning light stay on most of time while driving.
It comes after the car is started. Other times it does not come on after the car started and stays off. However, more often that not it stays on.

Why does the local Honda Dealer tell me they can't find this recall when typing in my vin number? I found it on your sight and Highway safety site, How can I get my car rpaired under this recall since I haven't been able to drive since it broke and locked steering column up in middle of highway.I have been trying for ten months now to get dealer to deal with my concern and they keep passing the buck.

just got this car n owner before just changed the steering holes n a pump

When should the timing belt be replaced, and is the engine design 'interference', valve to piston?

The a/c is not blowing out cold air

the air bag light always stays on. the dealer has reset it twice. it will remain off for 10 to 20 miles and comes back on again.

getting small spray of coolant from behind cooling fan. could this be a pin hole in the radiator?

Need help trying to figure out the cause. thanks, charles

Problem is all the time

I have read that is recommended when you replace your timing belt to also replace your water pump and front engine seals and drive belts. Why is this?

the power steering is going out

I have replaced the driver side low beam bulb 4 times in the past 8 months. Do I need a new headlight. Is this a fixable electrical problem. What should I look for. Thanks

In cold weather and whenever the brakes are applied on an incline I get a terrible grinding noise. The dealer can find nothing wrong.