Car keeps dying like it has no batt but batt fine

Had to make a jumper wire just to make it home it got real hot and melted so I straight wired the fuse box under hood ways wrong

what is a torque converter my check engine light is on and I was told i needed a transmission also want pass

Do they work off same relay?

My window won't close!

I can't get the wheel well cover off!

I've got 187K miles, and I have to depress the clutch with lots of effort.

03 accord coupe

I was installing alpine navigation stereo. After instaling everything works except the climate control unit. All the other functions works lights comes on but ac buttons are not responding. Did i break the harness pr something ?

I bought a brand new battery and alternator and my car will still die when it is going down the road. I even exchanged them thinking I had bought faulty stuff but those are not my problem. Fuses are good and no problems with the wiring that can be found. When the key is in the switch no battery light appears either and the alternator is only putting out 12 volts what could be my issue

I hace the following codes,, p2227, 2646, 0122. What are the meaning of the refered codes.

When I first start the car the AC works fine but after a while the clutch in front of the AC pump does not engage.
I bang on the fuse box and sometimes it will engage.

Was told by dealership diagnosis that would cost $3K to drop new engine, Said this is only solution. Ran own diagnostic and have poor combustion on all cylinders. Could there be an alternative or a fix for just that part of the engine without having to remove?