Key Stuck In ignition switch the car will start but it will not turn all the way back to get Key out

I am having a problem with my 2002 honda accord starting up. I turn the key, it sounds like it wants to start up but then it doesn't.

odometer works on car but speedometer doesnt dont know how fast im going

what would cause the Key light to NOT come on & the car won't start? It cranks ok, dosen't seem to have any injector pulse.

Car surges and sometimes has no power. Sometimes when idling it shuts off.

i have an 02 accord it is salvage, i recently had to replace the airbags and now have to replace the seatbelt tensioners as well. how do i remove the remove and replace the seatbelts?

@002 honda accord sedan , what parts need to be replaced in the srs system older car , I purchased used air bags with module, also used seatbelts in front because belts in front where locked up. What else needs to be done to get the srs light to go off?? Does the impact sensors? Minor damage on car was done. Or does the used module need to be reprogramed to this car?Tryed to use the paperclip on the two wire plug!What else?

I failed my inspection because my air bag need repair. How much do you think this will cost

Whe must done a tune up for my Honda Accord 2002.Never has be done.

after how many miles i have to replace timing belt i don have the factory manual

I have a 2002 Accord with 50K on it. About a week ago the airbag light came on and won't go off. What can I do to make it turn off without having to go to a repair shop?

I have this sort of humming noise coming from the front end of my car when driving. It seems to get louder when I go faster and quiter when I slow down.

I need help getting my 2002 Honda Accord radio code by using my vin number and serial number.

Does P0700 Mean I need a new Transmission or is this code for information only? I had a Transmission scan done for P0780 code and was advised by AAMCO yes I have a code P0780 but I have a new code of P0700 and they recommended I need a new transmission $1900-$2400 to repair, but my car shifts smooth at times but sometimes in 2nd or 3rd it shifts hard. Can someone please expalin what does P0700 mean?

My CD player is jammed. When I press load or eject, it makes the noise that it is shuffling the cds but nothing ever happens. Does anyone know any tricks or solutions to my problem. thanks.