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how do i know if my timing belt has been replaced already , and if it has or has not . how do i know when it needs it again?
I have a 2002 honda accord the check engine light stays on when i try to reverse the car shakes and turns off it feels like it has no power
Location of the fuel pump
when to change spaark plugs
2 years ago, at approx. 100k miles we had the air conditioner serviced. A month ago it stopped blowing cold air again so we had it serviced again, both times by a professional tech. The charge lasted two weeks and did...
My air conditioning only blows hot air. Already checked freon and is ok, and the fuses are ok. Now what do I check?
Not getting any power to the AC condensor and compressor motor
was driving across the 520 last night and the "check engine" light blinked briefly. going about 50mph the engine felt as though it was getting sluggish and having trouble giving power. moment later, the light goes off...
Does anyone know the best recommended battery for 2002 Honda Accord LX?
How much do replace all 4 struts on this car?
I have a 2002 Honda Accord EX. The fuel gauge has been flawless and I have never had a problem filling the tank ... Then the incident in April - I filled up at a gas station in Tomball, TX and their pump did not pro...
check engine light
My check engine light came on. My car stutters when accelerating but doesnt last for more than a few seconds. I brought it to Advanced Auto Parts and they plugged it into the code reader. The code said my downstream O...
I think I have a hole in my muffler--there was no listing for this --I am very very car stupid