I see smoke out of tail pipe when accelerated

On Tuesday my driver side door all of a sudden would not open. I pulled the panel off and when I press unlock it appears to be operating and moving the lock up to an unlocked position. The door will not open though. On Saturday when I tried different methods of locking and unlocking all of a sudden the back door on the driver's side wont open either. Any idea what is going on with my car? My main concern is the driver's door. I don't want to keep climbing across to get out of the car. Thanks.

When driving, 1shift and the 2shifting changes. But after that nothing changes.

I've never had water leaks from sunroof or windows, tried everything I can think to find a leak from outside the car and nothing has materialized this is the only other scenario I can think of

Can take my key out while in reverse..didn't know about recall for this. Also no notice about air bag issues, or timing belt tensioner if applicable. Discovered these recalls while searching for sources of trunk leaks.

Its been diagnosed still showing error 780 it happen when am moving the drive light wud be blinking

Its been diagnosed still showing error 780 it happen when am moving the drive light wud be blinking

my engine is dr4opped down why.

Just changed starter about 2 months ago thought that would fix idle. Still fluctuating up and down will not idle at all. Someone mentioned the IAC valve, but want a second opinion. Any suggestions?

The engine light is on constant and otherwise car in runs fine.can you help?

I have disconnected neg cable and tried to reset with a OBDll scanner,hit reset button but didnt reset this car only has 47689miles on it

water is pumping through hoses the fell weak when the car is running

a red light representing two passengers is sometimes lighting

The switch is near the thermostat

I was sitting at a light with the clutch all the way down it started moving forward on its own and died because I was not giving it gas what do I do? HELP