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And TCS light on the dashboard comes on.It will now reduces it's acceleration.I don"t knw if it's a gear problem
The delay is more noticeable with accelerating through the lower gears. I have been told that a transmission flush is the answer.
I thought one would check it with the engine on. On the dip stick there are 2 holes down low and 1 way up at the top near the plug. should the fluid level be up to the top hole?
Also would like to know how much it should cost to recharge air conditioner
This little Honda Accord speedometer wants to work only 10% of time. You maybe driving down the road than all sudden the speedometer stops working even when the cruise control is set. Is it by chance this problem is...
car was in for 120,000 service and the mechanic says the engine mounts are weak - wants $370 to replace them. Is the price reasonable?
putting the steering knuckle back in having new bearing and hub assembly pressed in
I am leaking transmission fluid and it has been traced to the front seal. I was told that the torgue converter needs to be removed during this process. I was given an estimate of around $1000...said it may be less. ...
Honda Accord SE has 112K. Light has been on for 2 months or so. Loose gas cap is also a probable cause but I have filled up several times and the light has not gone off. What would be the most likely failure and what ...
My Honda does a strange kick when i put into D4 and the ncheck enegine light went on and i went to a dealership and they told me that i needed a new transmission but when when i went to another place they said it's th...
The manual only details loosening on a 4 cyl. engine and not a 6 cyl. I could change it if I could only loosen it.