I never had it happened to me while i'm driving a ton of smoke comes out of the tailpipe as if i was driving a semi truck or something, however i did just add some engine oil would that have been the problem?

high idlle, and the transmission feels like it maybe slipping but i dont know

Will not engage into 1st. gear from a dead stop, like a stop sign, always takes off in 2nd. then shifts in the higher gears OK. Would that be one of the shift solenoids...Thanks

My local honda dealer quoted 2,700 for genuine honda parts, and 1,700 for non honda parts. The car is 13 years old with 161k on it, nearly 3k for an exhaust system seems a bit ludicrous.

It cranks, has a full tank of gas, but won't kick over. I put water remover in twice and that worked both times. I had the same problem today and added the remover again but now that is not working. Any idea what it could be?

passenger driver side does not open from inside or outside the car, and we to get it fixed, but door handles do not work

It leaks a lot of water right above the oil filter I've been told two things that's is freeze plug and a pipe but idk what to actually think

Is there 2 computers? One PCM (for the transmission) and one for the engine?

well i did change the cylinder head gaskets and the whole nine yards since it was wasting coolant and heating up a little before doing the job the car except for the problem prior to the one mentioned before the car work excellent after the cylinder head job it showing a no start conditions i`m 100% it`s gotta be the crankshaft position sensor but a second mind would come in very handy would be very grateful for any help that you can provide me thx again viper

We go to take off and suddenly I have no power. The rpms don't go up or anything and I can't hear the motor rev up due to adding more throttle then suddenly she takes off. Only happens at the start of a take off. Sometimes this repeats longer and longer. I changed throttle positioning sensor and cleaned the throttle body but its still happening. Any ideas as to what this problem may be?