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Its been diagnosed still showing error 780 it happen when am moving the drive light wud be blinking
Just changed starter about 2 months ago thought that would fix idle. Still fluctuating up and down will not idle at all. Someone mentioned the IAC valve, but want a second opinion. Any suggestions?
The engine light is on constant and otherwise car in runs fine.can you help?
I have disconnected neg cable and tried to reset with a OBDll scanner,hit reset button but didnt reset this car only has 47689miles on it
water is pumping through hoses the fell weak when the car is running
a red light representing two passengers is sometimes lighting
I was sitting at a light with the clutch all the way down it started moving forward on its own and died because I was not giving it gas what do I do? HELP
one fan seems to be working fine but the other one would not turn until I flipped it with my finger then it tried to turn.
runs fine, does not leak, does not smoke, does not foul spark plugs and pcv is not stopped up
it runs fine on the highway, just a little whinning noise, but when you come to a stop the car starts to shudder and almost die and even putting it in nuetral doesnt help but when i rev the motor it seems to help but ...
I was charged $200 for this repair but want to know if there would be signs of a leak on my garage floor
I was charged $153. for replacing a front axle seal. I was told there was a leak. the part is only $18. so I was wondering if it is a difficult job?
Honda Accord 2002, 70,000 miles. Front break pads replaced and new rotors. But also inv says Front break pads machined rotors. Are both necessary? Cost a fortune and I feel totally ripped off and stupid.