Never overheated before

I need to know because I want make sure is working

On dis morning would u know wats da solution before i start spending more money I would appreciate any info thank u

My car has been having problems with overheating for quite a while now.

I have replaced the water pump/timing belt kit twice now, I've replaced one of the fans, as well as the radiator hoses and radiator cap. Now, I've been told I have a blown head gasket and most likely a warped head. I was quoted around $2000 to repair that, should I just get a new engine? I feel like there's just too many problems and every time we fix one, another is going to pop up. A friend said he can replace the engine for free if I just go buy one... would this fix my problem? Also, does anyone have suggestions/advice for purchasing a new engine? I've just been looking on ebay so far...

It been overheating for a while now but was still driving it okay .now it just would not start what could be causing the problem not to start?

Not leaking from sun roof. When it rains you will have about 1/2 inch of water on the floor in rear floor. No noticeable signs of where water is entering car. Need to find solution.

some lights behind the cluster are out but the radio is not coming on at all.

light is on but not blinking

Getting code again p0780 after resetting it

car is hard to start

Sometimes when I go to my cay to start it it seems like it's trying to turn over but won't. When I took it back to where I had it fixed 6 times the only thing they did was spray some stater fluid in it and tell me that it was electrical problems. I need help.

After I recently installed a new brake light switch (original part from Honda dealer), my brake lights worked OK, but my cruise control stopped working -- the cruise control button on the dashboard does not light up when pressed, and the cruise control button switches on the steering wheel do not work. I checked the fuse - it is OK. I am at a loss -- can you help? Thanks!

when I stop at stop signs it's loud then as I drive on highway or in town it drives fine and do not hear the rattling

i took off the gear shift knob to remove the console and i can't get it back on correctly. when i put the screws in, it won't shift out of park. without the screws i can drive it, but i'm afraid if i hit the gear shift it will go into reverse or something. everyone that i called is saying "shifter bushings" "shiftor sensor" even a transmission. lol...i just had the transmission rebuilt a few years back. it's just a simple gear shift knob issue.