Front tire is pointing outwards when other one is straight i took tire off and the tie rod and rack and pinion thingy is bent like really bad from hitting a curb at like 75 miles an hour right at the bolt that keeps them together i think. I just want to know how much this is going to cost to repair it and are there any special parts that are needed

One day, I had to have my car jumped off to start and the lights and radio were coming on just fine. My uncle tightened the cables and my car crank just fine all day. After I shut off the car after coming from the store that night, my car hasn't crank since and everything else is coming on just fine but a clicking noise so I thought it was my starter and purchased a brand new one and there is still a clicking noise and the car will not turn over unless someone takes a ranch and touches the starter or silinoise or in between it but it still will not start. My key is broken from the remote and a chip is in the remote but my key has broken a lot of times before and until I could purchase another, I would always hold the remote with the chip close to the key and it would crank just fine. Please help

Have taken to mechanic several times. Will drive for a few days and comes back on. If driving over approx. 20 miles, car will not turn over (all dash lights come on but engine will not engage) until several hours later. Gas cap is on properly.

I have just had both replaced but the battery goes dead when the car is running. If I leave the lights off and air off it will take a little longer to go dead though.

Fuses? Bulbs? What? :(

The car runs fine

Now light back on runs like shit again scanned for code again gives me the same code p1259 can someone please help me out

When I put the key everything comes on radio lights air it all comes on but. It won't start. I don't hear a click or anything. And I tried to jump it and that didn't do anything please help !!!

When i set off from a stop i noticed that to shift from 1st to second the revs would go to 3000 sometimes 4000 and then a slight jump then normal driving good acceleration no high revs smooth shifts so i took it to the shop and was told the the mounts needed to be replaced so i had all of them replaced...i got the car back and about 3 days later i felt the car struggle to go into 2nd gear then the D4 light started flashing and the check engine light came on i took it back to the mechanic he read the code and said it was a shift malfunction he reset the light and i left and the car went back to high revs and the jolt when 2nd gear kicked it the next day it it did the shift malfunction again the cel came on and i stopped put it in park and turned off the egnition then started it up and went back to normal so i took it back to the mechanic and he told me that code indicates problems with the transmission that it had to be replaced...is this true?

Never overheated before

I need to know because I want make sure is working

On dis morning would u know wats da solution before i start spending more money I would appreciate any info thank u

My car has been having problems with overheating for quite a while now.

I have replaced the water pump/timing belt kit twice now, I've replaced one of the fans, as well as the radiator hoses and radiator cap. Now, I've been told I have a blown head gasket and most likely a warped head. I was quoted around $2000 to repair that, should I just get a new engine? I feel like there's just too many problems and every time we fix one, another is going to pop up. A friend said he can replace the engine for free if I just go buy one... would this fix my problem? Also, does anyone have suggestions/advice for purchasing a new engine? I've just been looking on ebay so far...