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how do you test oxygen senser for 650 milli volts
after car has warmed up and ran the next time i get in to go, have to rev up just to keep it running for like 5 min and then gas it to get it to go
I got a CIL diagnosis done. I got the codes p0700 and p1738. I would like to know the estimates and kind of repairs to be done in this scenario.
I have over 90,000 miles on my Accord and understand that I need to replace the timing belt. I have received 2 quotes over $800.00 each. Is that too much?
the check engine light came on then went off and is now staying on. Please advise what I can expect to pay to have this resolved.
It sounds like it is coming from the rear.It happens all the time. I hear it more when hitting any size bump.
Front left wheel makes a type of grinding noise, not all the time. Will make the noise when braking or not braking. Seems to not make noise over 40 mph. Seems to make noise when it is colder out.
After paying for my water pump to be fixed and after the mechanic installed the water pump, to my surprise it was still running hot. I took it back to the mechanic and he stated the the motor was now ruined. IS THIS P...
Not a tough question but I can't find it. On my 88 prelude, it's very open but on this motor, I can't find it. Help appreciated. Thanks
My problem is intermittent, usually in the morning when its cold i can push on the gas and the tachometer will increase but the engine doesn't. Also at times when i am trying to accelerate my car starts will start bo...
No problem--would change just for maintenance purposes.
how can u tell if tec, really changed trans oil by dropping pan, and if all oil was taken out?
I turned off the car and went into a store for 15 min. When I came out the ac was not working. The fan will only comes on when you turn it to high. It also blows high in the low position and nothing in-between. What s...