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How expensive
Car rolls in park and doesn't start , only in neutral. Do not hear click when depressing brakes. But lights are working in rear.
sometimes I hear it when im driving at low speed. maybe the ball joints or bearing?
I need a new Catalytic Converter for my 2001 Honda Accord - My original/extant catalytic converter is California compliant - I've been told to replace with same at a cost of $1,400 - I live in NY should I replace with...
My car has a little less than a 1/4 tank of gas but will not start if it sits for a few days. The engine turns over but it seems like there is no gas even though there is about a quarter of a tank. Last time this ha...
I have about 2 ft. of my muffler missing including the cat. section ,I also have 3 wires that were cut to disconnect the cat. will that be a additional cost or when they replace the cat will that fix the cut wires.
I don't smell unless I turn on ac or fans
what does code 78 mean
When I get click it starts. replaced brake switch but no change.
i replaced my transmission now it wont shift out of first and speedometer wont work. i code tested and it gave me p0700 and p0720
It occured last year on May 30,2012. It ran hot and I pulled over and had it towed home and havent been able to fix it due to money issues.
I found a leak under my car 2 days ago. The oil was changed a few weeks ago at the Honda dealership
I own a honda accord 2001 lx, recently I visited a honda dealer they told me that there is leak from my transmission, they advised me to replace the transmission but it cost me around 4grands. My question is who can i...