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change oil to a better grade
Car engine runs incredible, no problems with it. Just trying to keep this car in incredible shape for a long time. I read that you only need to get a valve adjustment if you routinely go over 6-8 RPMS... Any help wou...
can p0401 be a gas cap? check engine light goes on after about 65 miles one other code - "unknown" come up. 250,000 miles? Thanks!
Accord backfires and loses power especially on Hills or when trying to accelerate quickly. CEL on, codes misfire. New plugs, wires, alternator, catalytic con., flex pipe, fuel pump, Inc cleaned. Help! Please!
power comes back on after awhile from doing nothing but look at wires and check some fuses last time it happened was about 6months ago befor now and i just open and slammed the door a few times the first time
Window goes completely up in the closed position but makes a continual thud, thud, thud noise until I release the window button. Thanks, Kim
My ac/heat/defrost lights don't come on. If they do, it is very sporadic. It is pretty much stuck on what ever setting it was on before the light turned off. I haven't tried to do anything about it. What could it be???
I just changed the master cylinder and slave with brand new parts and ever since than I've been having this issue
otherwise it drives like a champ we bought some kind of fuse that plugs under hood that did not help but its the same part for reg and overdrive where is the other fuse located so i can plug it there parts house said ...