Door locks are pesky! Front pass door won't lock or unlock using auto-lock, rear doors only sometimes. Depends on which door using auto-lock. Driving me crazy! Help!

Went to close window and the glass fell into the door panel area. I cannot afford $300-$500 to have a shop replace regulator and mounts. I will try to do it myself.

2001 honda accord ex. 4 cylinder

I will turn my lights on at night and the lights in the dash will turn on for a short time or they won't even turn on. Sometimes if I hit the top of the dash they will turn on again but for a short period of time. Can this be due to a loose fuse? If so where is it located?

I have to come to a full stop and wait til I.feel car snap into drive or it jerks bad and won't shift right from first gear to d4. If I shift manually all 4 forward gears seem strong and solid. Could this be shift modulator?

lowered gas mileage, and a surge, when stepping on the gas.

hi I have a 2001 Accord Ex 4 cyl, it doesnt start after 3 weeks of nouse. i did everything and noarrow down to Coputer which is in limp mode, not allowing to fire. do i need to flash the same ECM or change the ECM or Chk Engine is not bright and says Link error to retrive codes. please advise

What else could it be I don't know what codes are on but will find out

What else could it be

my alarm keeps going off at nite for now reason....how can i disconnect or fix the problem

my alarm keeps going off at nite for no reason.

how do i either fix the problem or disconnect it....

is there a fuse that i can pull out