I put a can of seafoam in the car with about 3 gallons of non ethanol gas even with starter fluid it still seems to have a problem getting gas what is the next step I can take to try to avoid dropping the tank and draining the gas out

I have a OBD code of P0450. What are the most common causes of this ?

My 2000 accord makes a klank klank noise when idling. It is coming from the muffler. Could I need a new muffler or could it just be a loose clamp?

Where do I find the cabin air filter in my 2000 accord to change it? Do I need to buy OEM filter or can I get one from a parts store?

this only happens when taking off from stop light or stop sign after the car has been sitting and idling from about 2 min.

I have a 2000 Honda Accord EX, and whenever I drive over 40 mph, my check engine light comes on, and stays on until I reduce speed. What could be causing this? Is it a sensor?

I have a 2000 Honda Accord Ex, and whenever I idle at a stop sign or red light, my car begins to overheat. But once I continue moving again, the engine cools down. What causes this?

I have a 2000 honda account v6 and I noticed that my water pump keeps dumping all of my antifreeze on the ground after the car cools down. What causes this?

What blew and what do I replace.i tried putting Freon in but wont take.the clutch wont engage.answer please

Had my ignition cylinder and switch replaced today my car now will not start it will turn over all the lights come on just wont start check the fuses and the starter and everything is fine I was told that replacement key I'm using isn't reading to computer

Everytime my car is still, the temp of the thermostat goes to H

My 2000 Accord LX VTEC V6 (125k) suffers the EXACT problem with symptoms PRECISELY as described in the Honda TSB 00-024 "Heat Soak" issue: engine won't start or hold idle after the car is driven to operating temp and then parked w/engine off for ~15mins; runs rough if gas pedal is held or after transmission is quickly shifted into gear; and, MIL will light with resultant misfire codes. Let the car cool down for ~10mins and it'll start and run fine. This problem recurs consistently and is easily induced.

Anecdotes about suggested causes run the gamut:
- ethanol fuel vaporization;
- generally bad quality fuel;
- fuel pressure regulator too small;
- returnless fuel rails;
- problem with main fuel relay solder joints;
- air trapped in coolant;
- overly tight I/E valves;
- EGR issue;
- leaky valve and/or head gaskets;
- bad plugs and/or ignition coils;
- bad coolant temperature sensor;
- blown fan fuse;
...and on and on and on.

Note: the engine ran fine for over a decade before showing the symptoms thus described, making me suspicious this is a genuine "heat soak" issue. I have a hunch some part has simply gone bad, but I simply cannot identify the culprit. Help!

It doesn't matter if it's on flat land or slight incline. Doesn't happen when in 5th gear and up. Clutch has been replaced in the last few years. Does not pop out of gear. I'll just be driving along and it jerks. Jerked the other day and it's getting rougher. Used to be a slight jerk. Friend of mine has looked at it. Says it's not a belt issue, spark plugs, fuel pump. Fluids look fine. Thinks it might be me. But I've been driving manuals for half my life. I know how to use them. Something has to be wrong. I am usually going about 35 MPH on slight incline when it happens the most. Actually, now that I think about it. Twice in the same spot. I was coming to a stop after a big hill, and it acted like it wanted to cut completely off! I remember pushing the clutch in and thinking that still wasn't gonna help. ANY ideas? =/