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I just replaced the lock up solenoid but I can't get the code to erase its on my 99 honda accord ex 3.0l vtech I'm trying to find the ecu to erase it that way but not sure what to do or exactly were it is

I guess honda built a safety mechanism in the ignition switch I just wanna know if that's what it is. There's power but it won't turn over or go into gear.

Changed termostat from 170 to 180 works fine,flushed heater core not dirty engine tempere gauge works fine control temperature knob moves fine ,just takes long to get heat 99 accord vtec.what could be wrong engine is 190 degrees ,take forever to get to heater core

Is there a difference between abs nd the (abs) in like a bubble because mine is just abs

Done fuel pressure check good on that. change distributor new plugs checked sensor under valve cover for screen plugging

Please help me with detailed step by step instructions to change the crankshaft position sensor on my 1997 Honda Civic. Many thanks.

now I have a misfire on 2,3,and 4. I had a compression test done and all had good compression except for cylinder 4 , what is wrong with my car. please help me out.

appx. how much will it cost to fix if it is clogged?

No code just popped on