The clutch is about a year old. Spinning sound in between first and second gear. Happens more when the car is cold. Intermittent not always.

Gas leading due to corroded fuel line

What po code p0745 on a Honda accord ex 1999 4cyl.

My check engine light is on. Car runs fine, but is in limp mode. Cant rev over 3000 rpm. Plus every now and then the instrument lights flash all lights, but engine continues to run fine.

I took it to a mechanic and he told me it was the main fuel relay switch, I replaced it and still having same problem then he goes to say it must be going into vapor lock. How can I be sure this is the problem?

2nd gear shifts with a "bump", the other gears shift smoothly, need to determine what is wrong.

I just replaced the lock up solenoid but I can't get the code to erase its on my 99 honda accord ex 3.0l vtech I'm trying to find the ecu to erase it that way but not sure what to do or exactly were it is

I guess honda built a safety mechanism in the ignition switch I just wanna know if that's what it is. There's power but it won't turn over or go into gear.