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No apparent leaks, no apparent smoke. Has had this for two years. 230K miles. Do I need a valve job? If so, what's a fair price? Thank you.
Wondering if this could be one of three things: starter (maybe), possible alternator starting to fail (doubtful but possible) or the main relay/ignition switch problem again (which I've had fixed 3 times, seems to go ...
i jush change the igition swich cilinder but my car wont stard i dont know if the key has a chip please help me
i dont know if the key has a chip please help me
My car cuts off while driving I have been told its the main relay so were is it at so I can replace it ?
I have replaced the wiper motor and the switch on the column I have checked the relay on the left fender firewall. I don't know where to go from here.
I recently bought this car a week ago, as is. Test drove it and had no problems. We had the plugs, wires and 02 changed. No codes show yet the check engine light remains on. Makes me nervous when I have small children...
maintenance light on but no code, how can i turn it off.
It won't mover wen I put it in reverse or drive wat does that mean
my gear shift wont move out of park.. it goes in to gear but it wont move anywhere what can I do
none of the other controls work
Car starts buts stalls out in idle. Even after car warms up at stop signs car stalls out unless I keep my foot on acellorator Note - 99 honda accord lx sd 4cyl manual trans. Stalling when stopped ideleing
i let the car warm up then i put in d4 but it will not move unless i drive in reverse