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Resister R1 is burnt. any one know the specs on R1. I'm thinking I will try replacing R1. Found loose ground on battery and on engine fuse box. Any advice is appreciated
The sun roof wont work the windows wont roll up or down the gears with shift if I stick the release key in theres an anti theft have checked the fuses fine. will start if I use a screw driver on starter but wont shift...
Low on fuel, engine light turns on, few min later oil light is flashing!
Put more oil in, then started car, all the oil poured out!
We hear it trying to turn over but it won't start. After about 30 minutes it starts. It only happens every few weeks. When it happens all of the lights in the car will come on, but the car won't start. We have replac...
used to be able to put in park and would restart. lately happens when i slow to stop as well as moving down road. also been taking two to three tries to get it to kick over. ding this for over a year. was told feul fi...
No apparent leaks, no apparent smoke. Has had this for two years. 230K miles. Do I need a valve job? If so, what's a fair price? Thank you.
Wondering if this could be one of three things: starter (maybe), possible alternator starting to fail (doubtful but possible) or the main relay/ignition switch problem again (which I've had fixed 3 times, seems to go ...
i jush change the igition swich cilinder but my car wont stard i dont know if the key has a chip please help me
i dont know if the key has a chip please help me
My car cuts off while driving I have been told its the main relay so were is it at so I can replace it ?