Is also radio.all windows locks are not working

Acts like fuel pump not working

I am trying to replace the o ring where distributor goes into head, but cannot get it to come out. Have changed the distributor a few years ago, so I know how to do it. Remove the 2 bolts but it is just loose and won't come out. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

I have replaced ignition switch, key cylinder, distributor and dist cap, soldered the main relay, but still have the problem. Seems like when the ac is turned on it stalls and wont' start

I have replaced the ignition switch, and key cylinder, soldered the main relay, put a new distributor and cap and still stalls. I have noticed it will completely stall and no restart after ac is turned on

Needed tune up did thay next morning no spark so i changed icm , coil distributor wires cap rotor plugs all fuses good under hood and inside car. I dont know what else to do or check please help.

It's not the A/C

Car stalled! New battery replaced within 4 days! Electrical malfunction!

How many hours should it take?

I keep getting code P1456 it tells me it's the fuel tank pressure sensor. I would like to change it out myself. Any and all input will be helpful

I've replaced the main relay, the ignition switch coil ignitor I've checked all the fuses cap, roter before having this problem the speedometer would only work periodically can anyone help me with an answer to this nightmare please

Why and how to fix it

Do these type of wheel fits. A accord 199918X9.5 XXR 531 WHEEL5X100/114.3 +20MM HYPER SILVER RIM FITS 24SX (5LUG)

I have a little over and empty for my gas. the car has been sitting for a while.