1998 Honda Accord Questions

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accelerates okay if you don t get down on it.but if you give it gas it will stall but engine is still idling.but wont run normally until i let up off gas.

It is 'cutting out' while driving. It does not do this at first. It excellerates okay as well. It is after you driven a while and your cruising say 40-65 mph. I have replaced distributor, ICM, throttle position sensor, air idle control valve, plug wires....

When I go slower it groans more and when in park and turning the wheels it will groan too.

tachometer just quit working, needle does not move

If I put it back in gear it stops. Car drives fine, shifts fine does not do it at stop lights.

My 98 4 cylinder Honda Accord automatic gear shift has started getting locked in park position. My break lights are working. My breaks have started screeching off and on when I apply them. Sometimes I can unlock gear shift by pressing hard on breaks, and sometimes this does not work. Do you have any idea what is going on? Is this a common problem that Honda will fix at no charge?

Valve, map sensor, fuel pump an the engine still stalls out sometimesit has 305,000 miles

I make delivery so i have to turn on and off the car. My Honda runs great when I first start the car for the first 30 minutes or so. aFter a while, when I turn on to car it would start misfirng for about 30 second or more and return back to normal. Could this be cause by an egr valve.