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Can u tell me how to fix the bad ignition module so i don't have to replace it
Can u tell me how to fix the bad ignition module so i don't have to replace it
a few weeks after someone backed into my car causing minor front end damage i am having shifting problems intermittenly. could these be related in someway?
having problems with the AT not shifting properly (working on replacing the shift solenoids), and now theres a grinding noise when shifting into reverse...i fear the worse.
I turn the key and it says it's in D4 at first then P. lights work and all other electrical systems. I did have the negative cable off awhile when I replaced the thermostat. It doesn't help to jump it. I went to fuel...
Yesterday as I was driving to a friends my car started blowing alot of white smoke out of the exhaust. I pulled over and turned off the engine. Tried to see if I was leaking anything, and wasnt. Started it up again, a...
There is a huge variance in prices quoted. I assume that has to do with whether it's got ABS or not. True?
This is a ex model. I have a code p1381 (cyl pos sensor). I have replaced the distributor,ECU and the alternator. I have checked the cable harness from distrib to the ECU and it test fine. The plugs and wires are new ...
dignostic code p1259, check engine light came on 3 days ago. when i go up to about 4000 rpm in first, then shift to second car seemed to lose power.
While driving on freeway around 65-70 mph, engine quit running. Would start again after a couple of tries. Happened a couple more times before I got home. Has occurred a couple other times but after re-starting eng...
I'm having trouble finding a replacement for my car year and model.
The tumbler is worn down...It appears to bwe stripped. It is a 2nd owned car, so I'm unsure if it was something lurking underneath. In any case, if there is a way to get it started Hot wire) it, so I get it to a sta...
I have heard that flushing the transmission is the solution.
the break pedel feel bumpy when breaking