1996 Honda Accord Questions

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car makes squeeking noise when you turn steering wheel

could timing belt cause the engine to sound bad

My front lights are not on, just the back lights.

The car started having trouble starting, i cleaned the distributor cap, seemed better but then..the fans stopped working, checked switches and fan it self and they're working fine. Temp gauge is not reading, and ac is not working, the power locks only work when they feel like it, and im at a loss.

how to get diaphragm output speed sensor

I've replaced ignition switch the coil and the igniter the car will only start when I turn the key and all the dash lights come on when drive light won't come on car won't start

i have change the vss on the trans and odometer doesn't work,whats next?

I have 2004 Pontiac Gran Prix. Engine light came on today and the auto parts store that does the free check gave that diagnosis.

so far ive changed the transmission throttle body and sensor adjusted the dizzy swapped out the starter drained the motor and changed all 4 brakes but it still is burning gas like crazy idling is hard to shift and occasionally wont start without a jump.HELP PLEASE!

i burn through a full tank every 2 days when i usually can make it last for over a week what can cause this and how can i fix it