car wont start,due to starter not activating

I 've never changed it since getting the car, about 5 years ago.

I hear a loud squeak when I break.

My odometer has stopped reading the car's speed.

My power steering went, then the car died. I started it and went further with no power steering and heard a racket up front of car. Can driving my car minus power steering damage the car further?

the car leaked 2 quarts of oil in 2 days, about 70 miles

my 1995 Honda is having serious engine problems...i know that it has a f22b2 engine....my lil brother has a wrecker 1991 Accord that has good engine and trannie but it is a f22a1 will it fit in my 1995???

Srs light stayed on in my car just want to know if i can take it to the dealership to be repaired free of charge. Or will i need to pay the repairs? Thank you.

With the heater core leaking antifreeze onto the floor board

At times when I push on the break they go all the way down . I was told the lines have air and I have to bleed them.

When I turn to the right it rubs . there's only a 3 finger width before it rubs permanently. It's not the size of the tire . It's rubbed the plastic off because when I turn . can you tell me what the problem can be?

When I put it in gear, its does not move. Still has power an revs up, when I put it in neutral an let my foot off the clutch it grabbs an wants to go a Lil. It doesn't just idle. In either gears 1,2,3,4,5 it don't move an will shut off when clutch is let out. Neutral wants to move but will stall also. All linkage is okay, an slave cylinder is bled an working. Reverse don't work either.
What's your opinions ?

3-4Yrs only in winter white exhaust smoke. Put in Blue Devil seal for HEAD GASKET. Still smoke can I try again something different other than blue devil? Or is there somthing else I can check makes white smoke?