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possible blockage, and my gauges were reading high pressure until i let out freon then they read normal but the compressor still wasnt kicking on. what am i doing wrong.
the condenser comes on but there is very little air coming thru the vents, it is full of freon or so the or atleast that is what the gages are reading. but it has very high pressure, like there might be a blockage. an...
I know some one with a 96 accord with bad engine good transmission. How hard is it to swap engines?
When my D4 light is blinking my car will not start.
Fuses are fine...dimmer is turned up..check engine light abs and D3 and D4 lights all work..but behind speedometer, fuel gauge, and thermometer all wont work. Any ideas!?! Im clueless!!! Thanks.
they say it is my transmission going out.I would like to know do the transmission make the speedometer stop working.
Have replaced fuel pump n fuel filter. It will decelerate and cut off. After a while may be a day it will start a drive maybe 50 miles n do it again....HELP!
So I bought an aftermarket radio and installed it properly (did not connect the orange wire). After about 2days, my dash and taillights stopped working and I realized it was the fuse. Every time I changed the fuse it ...
"94 honda accord, car was fine until i put it in reverse one night and she died. just like that, nothing. would not start back up, and dead as a doornail. i have replaced the alternator, rebuilt the starter, re-wired ...
It will come on even if the car is turned on and back off. It is running the new battery down