Car was fine until I drove in the steep Santa Cruz mountains. D4 light started flashing engine light came on .
Speedometer started jumping.
As soon as I got back to straight road only D4 flashes.

My '94 Honda Accord Vtec is having trouble starting. When it does start, it struggles to hold an idle and constantly dies. It started doing this about a month ago, though the problem recently got worse. When the car does hold an idle and is driven, the car will die while in motion and I have to keep starting the car. The ignition key seems to be loose in some way, the key will fall out while driving.

Off.... However when the hazards are on the blinkers work. All this started after i bled my brake lines. Before everything worked perfectly. Any help much appreciated.

The wiper keep wiping non stop when I ignite the car. Sometime it will go off (back to normal) after I off the engine and restart but sometime it don't.

recharged/replaced warrantied battery 4-5 times.ABS light on when eng running. Failed smog(nox) fuel mix 2 rich. Man trans. 293k miles. Ran well until I bought newer cars.want to keep driving to/from work.

It deals like I said not have control

Spark plugs have been replaced and checked coil but that is not it

what else could cause this, its has brand new radiator + hoses, head gasket, tune up, new exhaust and stillm runs rough, and over heats with white smoke out of tail pipe.

Had plugs/wires replaced, replaced IAC Valve with a used part. Still did not correct the problem. Driving down the street and the engine just died. Usually dies while idling at an intersection.

And the car will not start what could be the reason

it has recently been replaced with a used transmission and a new neutral censer installed also. it does just fine when you first start it up but once its ran a few minutes and warms up it just drops out of gear and wont gor in any gear except sometimes you can get it to go into reverse if you very slowly accelerate on level ground... any input on my problem?

possible blockage, and my gauges were reading high pressure until i let out freon then they read normal but the compressor still wasnt kicking on. what am i doing wrong.