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i broke one of the bolts off of the valve cover one of the bolts that holds it down what is the bolt called
My car recently broke down. It will crank as if trying to start but doesn't. Acts like it's not getting any gas. Fuel pump kicks on. Getting voltage all the way to the distributor cap but losing it somewhere between t...
Hi, I have a 1993 Honda & when it gets to be warm outside the car will not start at all, when it cools off later in the day it starts right up. Some other people I talked to said its a common problem for Hondas, some ...
The hood release is not popping open the hood. I am not sure if the cable tension is not sufficient. I am trying to get an idea of what the repair is going to cost and repair locations.
clicking noise when turning
Recently I was driving on the freeway and my rpm's dropped to 0. I tried to push the gas and I wasn't going anywhere. I pulled over and turned the key off. I turned the car on and it struggled as if no gas was going t...
how much will it cost to repair or replace the back brakes of this vehicle?
When I push slowly on the brake pedal it goes to the floor. When I push it a little harder then slowly they work fine. Trying to determine if its the master cylinder or power booster or both. i need a little help on t...
My brake pedal seems to hit the floor if I push it slowly coming to a stop. If I step on it a little harder they stop fine. Trying to determine if its the master cylinder or the power booster or both.
I hear squeaking near the timing belts but i know that its not them. Could it be the A/C thing?
The button light comes on when the defroster is on. The button doesnt stay pressed in, it pops out.
My buddy changed my thermostat without taking the negative wire from the battery. Now my car wont start. I dont know where to look for the problem and what could've caused it
when i turn steering wheel it makes a winding squeaking noise,my power steering fluid is at normal level.
it idol up and down in park is when it dons it
i got a car for free and needed it ha s satg for about 6 months went to start a little problem but finally got it and hit the brake pedal heard solinoid for brake pedal then the solinoid for the shift release then a l...