Motor stops running,no electric except door panel lights.I used to boost it to run,now it just sputters,and won't start.It did this one time before,and I refilled the empty battery and cleaned the battery cables.It didn't work this time

my 1993 honda accord cam pulley sheered the pin off so my mechanic said let us replace the head and we did it ran fine for a few minutes the the cam pulley pin sheered off again the cam spins freely and my mechanic is at a total loss as to what caused this and suggest to just replace the motor

I parked the car.When I came back it wouldn't start.Dead no starter noise ,nothing,dead.Nothing came on.I boosted it and drove 2 miles.When I took my foot off the gas to turn onto my street.It died and me still rolling.Dead again.

when the first start after the engine cool my engine knocking on no one cylinder.sound ketang ketang and rpm raise up. At the same time I smell gas around.After rpm raise down to normal idling speed and temperature raise up,the knocking sound reduce but still knocking.

why would my car take 5 or so seconds of me holding the ignition to start?

I tryed to replace the front right side top blinker light bulb, it is very impossible to access to change this bulb. I've removed the battery out of my way. It is such a tiny squeese to get to. Its not possible for your hands to get to the bulb changing area. Please help me figure out how to replace this front right blinker.. Sincerely Shaun

I need a detailed description of how to remove the interior plastic cover to access the belt mechanism for inspection (the belts no longer retract) and /or replacement.

I lifted the front end to check the cv joint boots and while the tires were up in the air I decided to put the gear in drive and I noticed that only the left tire rotates, the right one will turn only if I give it gas. Is this normal. Hope to hear from you and thank you.

car fell like it shutting off when i try to park the car while reversing

I both the car used from a dealer about 6 months ago.

car shut down due to low oil pressure, how do you restart engine after filling oil?

my honda accord starts but stalls out at times

EX model with 219k mileage

Is there anyway to get my radio's serial number other than removing it from the dashboard? Is there a universal code (backdoor) to get my radio working again? The silence is killing me !!

My battery died and I can't find the radio security code. Is there an universal code or where can I retrieve my code?