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I have changed my fuel pump and ignition coil. Took off the distributor cap and something was loose on inside cliped it back in didnt start right off but then ran great for a lil while then shut off again.
cost for repair
the engine virbate yu can feel it and the whole front end shake,
It's the wish bone style. The bearings come out with the rotors.
The faster I'm traveling and I apply the brakes the more it shakes.
my 1993 honda the engine tempture rises only one fan come should both fan come on
Smell is most proiminent when A/C is on. Usually strongest after vehicle has been driven about 30 minutes
Shop already replaced Return and High-Pressure Hoses and the Pump itself....what else could it be? There is no knocking or thud sound when I turn, so I don't think it is the Rack-n-Pinion, or could it be?
new distributor,new coolant sensor,new oxygen sensor,new plug wires,new spark plugs.Map sensor checks good with volt ohm meter,also the throttle sensor checks good.no cel codes.
there is spark to the spark plugs.has good fuel pressure.the injectors are receiving voltage[checked with noid light] the main relay clicks twice. I got it started once and checked the timing and it was ok.It sputters...
Should I repair only the boot or replace the whole rack? Steering is good and fluid level is fine.
I have changed out the compressor and dryer
car has 354,000 miles made in japan has org fuel pump